Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy and keeping your personal information safe is our highest priority. This privacy statement (“privacy policy” or “policy”) is designed to help you better understand how and to what extent we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information.
The policy applies to our websites, mobile apps, software applications, products and services, collectively referred to as “services”. These services include:
This privacy policy governs your use of our services regardless of the domain names, operating systems, platforms or devices that are used to access the services, and regardless of whether such access is in connection with an account or not.
As a condition for your use of our services as a customer, user or visitor (collectively referred to as a “user” or as your “use”), you consent to the terms of this policy and you agree that your personal information will be handled as outlined below.

Our principles
We never sell, rent out or trade any of our user’s personal information with third parties for commercial purposes.
We always collect only the minimum amount of personal information necessary to provide our services to you, unless you choose to provide more such information voluntarily.
We encourage you to give us, and, more generally, any provider of digital services, only the amount of data you are comfortable sharing. If in doubt, rather do not share sensitive information.
We offer you simple ways to view, update or delete the data we have collected about you.

Email communication
You may opt out of receiving any newsletters or promotional messages from us at any time.
This is possible either by using the “Unsubscribe” feature at the bottom of such emails that we may send, or by adjusting the settings in your account within our services, where applicable.
You will continue to receive essential, non-promotional messages regarding your account, such as technical notices, order confirmations, or other service-related messages, which are required for us to be able to provide our services to you.

Cookies are minimal text files that contain small amounts of data. They are transferred from our servers to your device through your web browser or app. Your web browser or app then sends these small text files back to us whenever you access our services.
These cookies do not necessarily contain any personal or identifying information. They are, however, commonly used to store a unique identifier for every individual user, so that our servers do not lose information on who you are while you are moving through the individual parts of our services.
We may use cookies and similar technologies, such as “Web Storage” (specifically “localStorage”) and “Internal Storage”, to make interactions with our services more convenient, efficient and secure. For example, we may use these technologies to keep you signed in and to remember your preferences with regard to our services.
As such, cookies and the related technologies are essential for the operation of our services. You therefore consent to our use of cookies and related technologies when using our services. Without these technologies, use of our services would not be reasonably possible.
Your web browser or operating system usually provides means to delete such data currently stored on your device. They may even provide methods to disable the use of such technologies completely. You are welcome to make use of these settings and features of your web browser or operating system, but that may prevent our services from working correctly for you. For more information on how to delete such data currently stored on your device, please refer to the manual or help section of your web browser or operating system.

Third-party cookies
Some contents of our services are provided by third parties that are not directly affiliated with us.
These external contents, which are displayed, rendered, played back or otherwise conveyed directly within our services, may include advertising, analytics and components from social media.
The third parties that provide these contents may store cookies on your device for their own purposes and interests, which we cannot control.
The settings and features of your web browser or operating system may allow you to control how third parties can store cookies on your device.

Information we collect and why we collect it

Server logs
Whenever you access our services, including your access of any individual part or section of our services, we record certain information about the nature of your access. That information is never combined with information from other data sources and will not be associated with the identity of any account. However, we reserve the right to review the data retrospectively if there is specific evidence supporting the suspicion of a case of fraud or any other illegal activity or illegal use of our services.
We use this information for the provision, maintenance and administration of our services and to monitor and protect the security of our services.
This information is required for the operation of our services and its collection is therefore a condition for your use of our services.

Account information
When you create an account by signing up, and whenever you use that account by signing in afterwards, we collect the data that you provide to us voluntarily in the course of that process.
We use this information for the provision, maintenance and administration of our services and to monitor and protect the security of our services.
We use this information to provide and fulfill the specific services that you explicitly request.
We use this information to personalize our services for you and to adjust them to your preferences.
This information is not required and you can use parts of our services without this information. You have to give your consent before we collect this data, but some features may not be available without.

Mergers and acquisitions
If we are involved in a merger, an acquisition by another company, or a sale of all or a portion of our business or assets, your information will likely be among the assets transferred.
If any such change of ownership happens, the organization receiving your personal information will have to respect the promises that we have made in any pre-existing privacy policy such as this one.
You will be notified via a prominent notice within our services or by email to the primary email address specified in your account at least 30 days before any such transfer of your personal information. This notification will include help on choices you may have regarding the transfer and treatment of your personal information.

How we secure your information
We take the trust that you place in us very seriously. We have therefore implemented all measures reasonably necessary to protect the personal information of our users from unauthorized access, modification, deletion, disclosure or other misuse.
We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the data submitted to us, both during transmission and after we have received it, and continue to expand our protections as becomes necessary with changing technology.
In particular, all connections to and from our services are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) technologies.
Apart from that, please recognize that protecting your personal information is, in other parts, also your own responsibility. Especially, you are responsible for safeguarding any passwords and other authentication information that you use to access our services, as well as limiting physical access to the devices used.
You should never disclose your authentication information to any third party and you should notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account.

Links to external websites, applications and products
Some parts and sections of our services may contain external links to websites, applications or products owned by and operated by third parties.
We advise you to verify the privacy practices of those third parties individually. We have no knowledge about and are not responsible for the way that those third parties handle any personal information which you provide to them yourself.
We encourage you not to provide any personal information to those third parties before assuring yourself of proper privacy practices on their part.

Right to information
You have the right to request at any time, free of charge, information about your personal data stored by us.
In addition to that, where applicable, you are entitled to have this data corrected, blocked or deleted. For our contact information, please see further below.

Changes to this privacy policy
We may change this privacy policy from time to time. Most changes will presumably be minor only and will therefore not affect your rights.
Should there be any substantial changes to this policy with material effects on any of your rights or choices, you will be notified via a prominent notice within our services or by email to the primary email address specified in your account at least 30 days prior to such changes taking effect. This notification will include help on choices you may have regarding the treatment of your personal information.
For any less significant changes to this privacy policy that do not affect your rights or choices in a material way, we encourage all users to check this policy for updated versions periodically.
In general, the applicable version of this policy is the one that is current at the time of your access of our services.
Our contact page can be found at: